Ligtas AB - started December 2016 and is a development company in the Database, Backup & Restore segment.



Initially the goal was to fully utilize IBM Tivoli / IBM Spectrum Protect.



The company started as a loose collaboration between several IT consultants with roots in Sweden and Estonia during 2016 Q4 .
In December 2016, the company was established and the job started immediately to design a system solution that would hit the market. Based on terms like fastest, low MIPS consuming, fastest restore times, data protected, simple, batch oriented, the work has progressed. During the summer of 2017, we were able to deliver the first system to a customer. And today our system produce roundabout 6 000 backups on monthly basis.



2017 Q1 the System solution was fully integrated in IBM Tivoli. By the method we chose to introduce in system work, we can ensure that the backup/restore system can handling new databases types and new database versions within 30 days. However, we reserve ourselves against software development for Backup / Restore of MS SQL, which we assume can take up to 90 days to develop. 




Thomas Wahlqvist is our CEO. He has many years of experience in both system development and development companies. Since the Summer of 2017, he has been involved in the code development in DB Protection for * and the coordination of external and own consultants.


The business's external star is a heavy player in the field of databases, backup, restore. He has, as a programmer and system engineer, with 25 years of experience in IBM Tivoli and Open Source databases based on Volvo Data been helpful with his knowledge and design.
Our CM with many years of experience in Version Management and Test Methodology Tools has made a significant contribution to the progress made during this autumn.
Since the start, we have linked a support technicians with many years of experience from IBM AIX and Tivoli and are ready to lead First & Second Line Support.
Another programmer, a C artist,  we have been able to “borrow”  for a while when we had to port the source to various platforms like AIX, Sun Solaris and Linux.



In the spring of 2018, we plan to expand our network of agents and resellers so we can meet the needs from the market of secure and fast backup solutions.



During the same period, Spring 2018, we will port the system to  Windows  unless we get a formal order which will speed up the process.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our network, our products at Info (at)


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