DB Protection for MongoDB

Backup your opensource database MongoDB with Spectrum Protect
- deduplication
- compression
- block level incremental forever
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DB Protection for MongoDB

using IBM Spectrum Protect

DB Protection is a backup software suite that takes a fast online none disruptive snapshot picture of your business applications, and backup the changes of the snapshot for disaster protection to the Spectrum Protect server.

This software product named "DB Protection for MongoDB" is a backup solution that takes a fast none disruptive backup of your live MongoDB databases tothe spectrum Protect Server.

The backup process for your MongoDB databases saving you time, compress the data to save storage space, and does not send data already stored in the storage space using de-duplication techniques, and encrypts your data from unauthorized usage.

Only changed content will be backed up, which consumes less energy.

The backup software is fully integrated with IBM Spectrum Protect (formally named TSM or Tivoli Storage Manager), no need for a local dump disk area.

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Saturday, 27 May 2017
Backup and recovery of big databases is no longer an issue.
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